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Royal’s Empire State of Mind

Andrew ~ Empire State Of Mind

Yeah…so proud I’m leaking out of my eyes!! He’s made it safely to NYC and I am now just waiting for the text/call letting me know he’s at the apartment that just so happened to open up two weeks early. So no couch hopping for the next 15 days either!! I gotta get a kleenex…

THIRD GENERATION SURVIVOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






The Color Run That Wasn’t…

tHe cOLoR rUN 2013
tHe cOLoR  rUN 2013 

The Color Run ~ Springfield, MO April 06, 2013

Well……at least I have proof that I was actually going to participate….It arrived this week from my sister….
AND I get to wear this really cool bracelet that reminds me WHY I didn’t get to run in the first place….as you ALWAYS have to learn to walk before you can run…..

Love in italian


New Fangled Pen Pals


© 2013 Willoweagle (unpublished)

The inspiration for the above written poem came with the arrival of these beautiful flowers sent from two wonderfully inspirational, hysterically looney, super supporters,  who have been there for me the past year whom I’ve never met face-to-face, but we’d know each other anywhere.

Blown away, overwhelmed, amazed

Got 'em snowed!!

Smiles in a Vase

Ohhhhh…if you only knew how right thezs two got it….
Ok…so I’m REALLY gonna go small town on ya…READY?!?!?!

The flower shop you ordered those from, just HAPPENS to be owned by one of my best friends/ex-daughter-in-law’s (we’re 3 months 16 days apart…sigh….I’m older..and we graduated HS same year)…hold on

I had spoke with her about 6 weeks ago and we were to meet up for lunch…we hadn’t laid eyes on each other in nearly a year…I KNOW!!

ANYWAY…The plan was to change that..BUT she had some medical issues (she has Crohn’s) that needed be dealt with…then it was MY turn…

So imagine how delighted I was when I thought she’d stopped by quick during a delivery AND brought me flowers…THEN found out she was delivering them from YOU GUYS!!!

It was better than any Publishers Clearing House Ed McMahon Presentation could ever make up!!!!

Made my day!!!!



Living ~ Not Just Surviving New Header Banner for out new home page!!!


We now have a new home page specifically designed for LNJS!!! And, yes, Unicorns have been included….along with several of my friends!!! 
Would love to hear back on impressions, thoughts, etc so we can get this tweaked and running smoothly.  Any feedback would be great….but GREAT feedback would be BETTER  🙂
So….now…gotta give a shout out to the ones that have actually not let me REALLY be alone when I want nothing but to sink into the abyss of the internet and skulk…
Just like them, their profiles and projects are as unique and varied as they are. Check out their ‘Social’ projects/profiles here:

A Beautiful Mess Blood Clot Recovery Network

Surviving A Silent Killer





These are just some of the friends and supporters I’ve had and made recently. They’ve all brought something different into my life with their views, honesty and friendships. They’ve each touched and changed, even if ever so slightly, my way of taking in the world around me. We should all be so lucky, and I hope you that you are.
Happy Saturday everyone!!!!!



Woo Hoo!!!


Did a search for our page today as a friend of mine who DOESNT have Facebook (I KNOW right?!?!?) wanted to see it. I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! I hadn’t even typed in the entire URL!! And second was our friends at. @BCRN!!!
Its ALWAYS neat to see friends doing great in what they are doing, but have to say, the competitive side of me was saying “Woo Hook we’re #1!!!!!”

Dreams CAN Come True


I've Been Tagged!!

This past week has seen me suffer a set back I would’ve never imagined possible six months status post clotting event.

Frustrations have been high as I once again realize I’m not in control of what I think I am or wish I were. Between leg twitches and mysterious ‘itches’, there was also moments of joy and happy tears.

Yes, I am a survivor! I wear that badge with honor and pride, but before that, I was the daughter of one. I was ecstastic when in college, my sister happened across the name for our disease. As a research junkie, it was just what I’d been looking for. This began the search in earnest. Somewhat for selfish reasons, but mostly for my Mom, then for family, I wanted to find ‘it’ whatever ‘it’ was. I’d watched my Mom deal with an unknown disorder all my life and my dream was to give back to her the weapons needed to beat it. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough and the references were too vague. When she passed in March of 1999, the dream became stronger.

In November of 1999, another reference source opened up to me when I purchased my first computer and found….the internet!!! Again, I searched and scoured only to find what I’d found previously and to no avail.

Now, it’s 2013, I’ve experienced my worst clotting event to date and I, once again, feel the need to share. I began by sharing pictures on Instagram. I’d been a member for nearly a year and had met wonderful people who supported me every step of the way. Then one day, I hashtagged pulmonary embolism on one of my pictures and my world changed.

With that one change, pulmonary embolism, an entire world opened to me. Young women responded. Women who had suffered life changing events such as mine. I started blogging in response to their questions, and most recently started Twitter and Facebook pages. The response has been overwhelming. As the ‘longest’ and ‘oldest’ survivor of this circle, I am honored to offer education and support.

It was a response on the Facebook page this week that had me in joyful tears. I came to the realization that what I had dreamed for my Mom might actually be coming true. Maybe not for her, but in helping others. My dream is that this will continue to grow, support, and educate far beyond what I could ever imagine. Most of all, I wish my Mom could see this. I wish she could know what’s being accomplished because of her.

Twenty-five years in the making. Mom this is because of and for you! I love you!

Just Saying…


Where Has All The Color Gone?

There are times, no matter how I try, I can’t seem to see or find the colors I know are there. Cheerful, waving flowers line the path I’m currentlu on. It’s a difficult, exhausting, and emotional journey that leaves me utterlu confused and totally bewildered. Wearing the mask necessary for my survival I continue. For what is life without love? Change? Support? Inspiration? Hope? Along the way, there have been glimpses of what is ahead. When feeling all alone and couldn’t go on, someone has come along bringing just the encouragement needed. This road seems hopeless….endless, but only time will tell. Unicorns and rainbows are waiting for me, and I can’t wait to see them again!!!

Thank You

On Top Of The World – Imagine Dragons
Survivor Strong a video by Willoweagle

As I am sitting here going over the posts, stats, and comments of this blog over the past week, I am not only flattered and touched, but inspired again.

In sharing my son’s story, it was quite the decision. There were many things to consider. The first being in how would he respond. The second was would anyone be interested. On both, I was proven incorrect.

My son did respond, but not exactly the
way I expected. It was a totally positive one. I had expected to defend, in some degree, my reasons about why I had.  I was prepared to do just this on receiving his first call after posting. I had everything ready. None of it was needed. For that, I say thank you ♡.

As for my second concern, I must honestly and wholeheartedly say I’m flabbergasted and sincerely flattered!!!

For these posts to not only be a series and so personal, yet posted during the middle of the week, I am amazed and humbled by what the stats have proven it to be an unfounded and near grossly ridiculous.

I would be terribly remiss in not thanking you – the reader – in taking your time which there is so little of in our busy hectic day-to-day schedules for reading and taking this journey. It is because of you that I share. Support and understanding during a difficult, life changing experience is all anyone can ask for and on receiving it, a great relief. There are no masks here. This is real. This is life. Thank you.

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