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NeNe Leakes Shares With Dr. Oz Regarding Her Recent Episode With Blood Clots (Pulmonary Embolisms)

Just in case you may have missed the interview Dr. Oz did with Nene Leakes on his show today,  here it is. I was so excited to have not only in the sharing of another survivor’s story, but that it was shared publicly, honestly, and most importantly BRAVELY. I have been a longstanding fan of Ms. Leakes for many years. The ‘love affair’ began when I first saw her on ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ (a Bravo network production). It then grew with her appearances on one of my favorite shows GLEE (a FOX network production). ‘The New Normal’ was, unfortunately, canceled after its first season. I’ve admired her for her honest, unfiltered viewpoints and ‘no holds barred’ attitude and personality towards living life in its entity and not letting anyone or anything get it her way for living her truth. I was astonished to read the news when it headlined that she had suffered from pulmonary embolisms and waited  anxiously with her millions of other fans regarding her outcome and recovery. Today she stated she’s at about 80% of her recovery process which is approximately not only on target, but maybe even better than average.  For more on Ms. Leakes story, watch this clip from today’s Dr. Oz.


Ms. Leakes shares with Dr. Oz