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Royal’s Empire State of Mind

Andrew ~ Empire State Of Mind

Yeah…so proud I’m leaking out of my eyes!! He’s made it safely to NYC and I am now just waiting for the text/call letting me know he’s at the apartment that just so happened to open up two weeks early. So no couch hopping for the next 15 days either!! I gotta get a kleenex…

THIRD GENERATION SURVIVOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






Thank You

On Top Of The World – Imagine Dragons
Survivor Strong a video by Willoweagle

As I am sitting here going over the posts, stats, and comments of this blog over the past week, I am not only flattered and touched, but inspired again.

In sharing my son’s story, it was quite the decision. There were many things to consider. The first being in how would he respond. The second was would anyone be interested. On both, I was proven incorrect.

My son did respond, but not exactly the
way I expected. It was a totally positive one. I had expected to defend, in some degree, my reasons about why I had.  I was prepared to do just this on receiving his first call after posting. I had everything ready. None of it was needed. For that, I say thank you ♡.

As for my second concern, I must honestly and wholeheartedly say I’m flabbergasted and sincerely flattered!!!

For these posts to not only be a series and so personal, yet posted during the middle of the week, I am amazed and humbled by what the stats have proven it to be an unfounded and near grossly ridiculous.

I would be terribly remiss in not thanking you – the reader – in taking your time which there is so little of in our busy hectic day-to-day schedules for reading and taking this journey. It is because of you that I share. Support and understanding during a difficult, life changing experience is all anyone can ask for and on receiving it, a great relief. There are no masks here. This is real. This is life. Thank you.

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Reflections ~ A Mother’s POV: Part III


In the chapel at St. John's hospital, this candle lit for my son burned his entire stay.

Sunday, June 5, 2011 ~ Once again the phone rings and rings. ..and again with the voice mail.. again. ..I leave no message. Ok, this is no longer the norm. He should’ve called back or picked up by now. Numerous tries to contact my son had come to no avail. The only update I’d received was from the friend he was staying with in the form of a Facebook message. That just didn’t cut it anymore. Although quite the detailed update, something wasn’t right that he should be sleeping this much. Concern, worry, and fear were the emotions of the day. Yet, I kept thinking to myself, he’s grown, he’s fine, quit hovering!

I spent a wasted night in the bed that night as I tossed, turned, and worried. Sleep escaped me.

Monday, June 6, 2011 ~ I check the phone again as I get up and ready for work. Still no calls! The commute seems like a long one without The Kid to talk to. On arriving at my destination, I alert any of my co-workers that know my son’s voice, to let me know IMMEDIATELY if he should call, no matter where or what! Which of course lead to questions followed by brief descriptions of what was going on.

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Reflections ~ A Mother’s POV: Part II


“I told them over and over I was not drinking!  They didn’t believe me. Sure, you could smell alcohol. I just came from a BAR!!” The voice on the other end of this call was miffed, to say the least. The frustration at not being believed was tangible. This was one irritated, frustrated, and nearly (should I say it?) pissed off 22 year-old.
” I told them! And they just kept ignoring me……

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Reflections – A Mother’s POV

Andrew was an active participant with his local The Color Run 5k in which I had trained to join him in what I had dubbed a celebration/survivor run, Unfortunately, I was slowed down considerably after experiencing a pulmonary embolism Christmas Day 2012.

In everyone’s life there are milestones, that 16th birthday, a first kiss, high school graduation, marriage, are the first that come to mind immediately. Yet, the most significant, memorable, and life changing for me was the birth of my son. I won’t go into detail as I wouldn’t want to deter or scare off any would-be or expecting mothers, so I’ll just say my pregnancy was atypical and my son was my miracle.

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