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The Color Run That Wasn’t…

tHe cOLoR rUN 2013
tHe cOLoR  rUN 2013 

The Color Run ~ Springfield, MO April 06, 2013

Well……at least I have proof that I was actually going to participate….It arrived this week from my sister….
AND I get to wear this really cool bracelet that reminds me WHY I didn’t get to run in the first place….as you ALWAYS have to learn to walk before you can run…..

Love in italian


Daddy’s Daughter


Daddy's Graduation - ONU


Daddy's Daughter

In honor of Father’s Day, a Polaroid captured life milestone. Dad in cap and gown 1981 on his graduation from Olivet Nazerene College (now University). He had earned his degree in spite of being a father, full-time pastor, and taking on additonal part-time jobs. I tagged along whenever allowed.

Time spent at an empty elementaru school playing basketball like a WNBA star and seeing my first urinal (lol). Quiet times spent in church offices, walking classrooms, and sanctuaries as he worked. Unaware that I was not just spending special time with him, but also his Best Friend. Mimicking his every move and handing him tools. Then enjoying rides I still hold special in that old Hudson. My very first ‘date’ (something every dad should do with their daughters) made this young girl, standing on the threshold of so many changes, feel special, loved, worthy, and empowered. At a point in my life that I had given and been stripped of these, he was there to support and remind me until I, once again, knew it to be true. These are just a few, but favorites. Any chance given was a chance taken, and it still is. 😀

I am my Daddy’s daughter. No question. If there is one, just ask and I can pretty much guarantee you a ‘Glenn-ism’ that would roll your eyes….hard! Lol

Love ya Dad!


Thank You

On Top Of The World – Imagine Dragons
Survivor Strong a video by Willoweagle

As I am sitting here going over the posts, stats, and comments of this blog over the past week, I am not only flattered and touched, but inspired again.

In sharing my son’s story, it was quite the decision. There were many things to consider. The first being in how would he respond. The second was would anyone be interested. On both, I was proven incorrect.

My son did respond, but not exactly the
way I expected. It was a totally positive one. I had expected to defend, in some degree, my reasons about why I had.  I was prepared to do just this on receiving his first call after posting. I had everything ready. None of it was needed. For that, I say thank you ♡.

As for my second concern, I must honestly and wholeheartedly say I’m flabbergasted and sincerely flattered!!!

For these posts to not only be a series and so personal, yet posted during the middle of the week, I am amazed and humbled by what the stats have proven it to be an unfounded and near grossly ridiculous.

I would be terribly remiss in not thanking you – the reader – in taking your time which there is so little of in our busy hectic day-to-day schedules for reading and taking this journey. It is because of you that I share. Support and understanding during a difficult, life changing experience is all anyone can ask for and on receiving it, a great relief. There are no masks here. This is real. This is life. Thank you.

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Birthday/Mother’s Day – 2013

My son came to see me for my big weekend. Its the first time I’d seen him since I was hospitalized due to travel restrictions and his busy schedule in his last semester of university, not to mention his three jobs, studying, etc. Needless to say, I am one happy Momma! ♡♥




Bittersweet…that has been the best word to describe Mother’s Day, for me, since 1999 and again in 2007.  A double edged sword that tears at my heart. Mother’s Day was double special for my Mom and I as I was born on Mother’s Day. Although it doesn’t fall specifically each year, it doesn’t lessen the pain. When it does fall on this particular weekend, let alone the day itself, these are the hardest. Memories won’t be dammed. They flood in both tidal waves and trickling springs. Then, in 2007, we lost my mother-in-law to cancer. She wasn’t just my husband’s mother, but mine as well. She referred often that I was the daughter she had always hoped and never thought she’d ever have. As she was woman of few words, I was deeply honored and knew I was blessed.
Blessings can arrive when you least expect them, and NEVER the way or when you want them, yet those are the ones that are the most special and. are most often the ones that we are ignorant of and turn away from.

My stepmom, Linda, is just such a blessing to me. She didn’t run on meeting two adult, grieving, defensive daughters who were anything but polite in the beginning. Although, at times, I’m sure she wishes she had. O:-)  

So, again, bittersweet is the word as I wish the best stepmom a girl could have a Happy Mother’s Day. Thank you for everything you do and put up with. I love you! ♡♥♡♥♡♥

In remembrance of Judith A. Dizmon-Amerson (1947-1999)
     A 30+ year  (Antithrombin III) survivor who showed me every day in normal, everyday life what a true survivor looks like. She is strong when  weak. She is courage when terrified. She is confidence when unsteady.

She is a SURVIVOR!!!


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