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An Underestimated Overacheiver ~ Update

Never underestimate those with ADD/ADHD. We’re not slow to catch on, we’re just so quick that we’ve finished 3-4 full thoughts to your one, and now we have to loop back

This week I’ve shared just a glimpse of what its like when in its high gear for me with my FB statuses. Its exhausting!! Not just the thought tripping, but trying to control it too. If its distracting to you while we’re  trying to publically keep it to a soft roar, take a moment and imagine what its like for us….just a thought…..take it in…..

On review, I realize not everyone reads my Facebook, so here are a couple of examples from this week

May 15 at 6:55pm ·
May be right….I may be crazy…AND since I have a little extra on sale today and today only at promotion participating locations! Additional taxes and fees may apply….for that special job you’ve always wanted…..

Thursday at 7:48am ·
The moment you realize you’re so far gone that even the flying monkeys can’t save you or take you home. Then you think ‘WTH, What’s the worst that could happen?’

Thursday at 12:28pm ·
Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the RC Cola and a moon Bye Bye miss American Pie

The day the squirrel went bezerk in the First South Gospel Here is the church and this is the steeple open the just three doors down they’re laughing and drinking and having a party…..just three doors down they’re not aware that I’m around…..
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