Since my last posting I was in a life threatening automobile accident in which I passed out while driving and took on a semi truck. This occurred on September 10.

This is just a quick posting as I have now been home a little over two weeks and am progressing well. However, I did incur injuries that once again require me to relearn and regain my independence. I suffered a left broken hip (surgically repaired), three broken ribs (two left, one right) and a third degree liver laceration.

As I am on the mend…again…and feeling better with time, I have so much to share and want to hear back from everyone. I’ve missed visiting with each and every one of you. Hoping to return consistently again very soon!!!

Love and Hugs,


Royal’s Empire State of Mind

Andrew ~ Empire State Of Mind

Yeah…so proud I’m leaking out of my eyes!! He’s made it safely to NYC and I am now just waiting for the text/call letting me know he’s at the apartment that just so happened to open up two weeks early. So no couch hopping for the next 15 days either!! I gotta get a kleenex…

THIRD GENERATION SURVIVOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!






My Story by Kathy Anderson



Again, I’m happy to introduce you to another friend and fellow Survivor. Ms. Kathy, like many of us, took the brave step of not only sharing her story one-on-one, but took it to the Net.

Each Survivor’s story is a unique and immensely personal for them. It effects us not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. To write it down means to relive it….vividly.

To each and everyone of you who has shared their journeys. .I applaud your strength, courage and dedication for further education and awareness.

To learn more about Ms. Kathy and her journey, check out her website by following this link:


                    March 2013

Memory Rushing Fun Come Back

Wow!!! My boombox mixed tape playlists have been brought to life by being dubbed then digitized to the original videos….

good thing they can’t  do the same with my letters and. memories…

the hair, the clothes, the ‘fer sure’s, ‘like’s, and more valley girl than any one person could stand, all while (whether we admit it or not) attempting our best to “Walk Like An Egyptian” 

hair bands made us swoon. with their rock anthem ballads leaving me ‘Living.on a Prayer’   thinking ‘Here I Go Again On My Own’,  divas in training: Maddona and Whitney, Michael to Lisa Marie “Just Cant Stop.loving You” then he was ‘BAD,’ alien group T’pau showed us unique musicality,    “I Had The Time Of My Life’ was the summer’s ANTHEM, back then George Michael was all about ‘Faith’, Tiffany sang my wishes  out loud with “I think We’re Alone Now”, & Billy Idol shot to the top with “Mony, Mony”,  these were only topped by the Greatest Girl.  Band EVER.  who put all my teenage hopes, dreams, and the love that I felt (yet couldn’t fully express) into a song.  that said it for me…

♡HEART♡. knew my heart ♥ song ♬of 1987… ‘Alone’ said it all for me…..

And here they are…

Survivor Power – Unlimited Possibilities


Pround Momma, The Graduate (NYC Bound), Beaming Dad

He DID it!!! I was there to SEE it!! Talk about survivor power!!! For those of you who don’t know, my son is a stroke survivor now two years out. This happened while he was a college student. He is now fully recovered, and after only taking one semester off due to physical/occupational therapy and the necessary healing time his body/mind required, he returned to school full-time, worked a full-time job, worked on a Christian based movie production for one internship, finished that and started another internship with a media/internet based company, resumed his self started photography/media business (which included but was not limited to commercial and personal photography sessions) and continued to be the typical young adult in search of himself. On Friday, he received his degree only 18 months after resuming classes!!!
After suffering a death defying “saddle” clot accompanied by numerous PEs and bilateral DVTs I was back on the mend, or so I thought. In July, I once again suffered numerous bilateral DVTs requiring a week hospitalization. I was crushed! I took every precaution and with keeping my health my priority and the help of family (transportation to wheelchair navigation), I was able not only to attend, but spend four days with him.
This is only the beginning of a much bigger story as in 15 days, my son is moving to NYC for at least seven months where he will be completing his last required internship and taking one HUGE bite out of that ‘Big Apple’!!!
Miracles happen every day in every way…we just have to be able to see and acknowledge them. He is mine….

The Color Run That Wasn’t…

tHe cOLoR rUN 2013
tHe cOLoR  rUN 2013 

The Color Run ~ Springfield, MO April 06, 2013

Well……at least I have proof that I was actually going to participate….It arrived this week from my sister….
AND I get to wear this really cool bracelet that reminds me WHY I didn’t get to run in the first place….as you ALWAYS have to learn to walk before you can run…..

Love in italian


New Fangled Pen Pals


© 2013 Willoweagle (unpublished)

The inspiration for the above written poem came with the arrival of these beautiful flowers sent from two wonderfully inspirational, hysterically looney, super supporters,  who have been there for me the past year whom I’ve never met face-to-face, but we’d know each other anywhere.

Blown away, overwhelmed, amazed

Got 'em snowed!!

Smiles in a Vase

Ohhhhh…if you only knew how right thezs two got it….
Ok…so I’m REALLY gonna go small town on ya…READY?!?!?!

The flower shop you ordered those from, just HAPPENS to be owned by one of my best friends/ex-daughter-in-law’s (we’re 3 months 16 days apart…sigh….I’m older..and we graduated HS same year)…hold on

I had spoke with her about 6 weeks ago and we were to meet up for lunch…we hadn’t laid eyes on each other in nearly a year…I KNOW!!

ANYWAY…The plan was to change that..BUT she had some medical issues (she has Crohn’s) that needed be dealt with…then it was MY turn…

So imagine how delighted I was when I thought she’d stopped by quick during a delivery AND brought me flowers…THEN found out she was delivering them from YOU GUYS!!!

It was better than any Publishers Clearing House Ed McMahon Presentation could ever make up!!!!

Made my day!!!!




Once again I spent time away from home this week in the hospital. This time it was 5-6 clots in my lower extremities. Yes, both legs.

Just came home last evening and am still really tired. My meds have been changed and increased.

I will post more later, but just wanted to update for now.