Reflections – A Mother’s POV

Andrew was an active participant with his local The Color Run 5k in which I had trained to join him in what I had dubbed a celebration/survivor run, Unfortunately, I was slowed down considerably after experiencing a pulmonary embolism Christmas Day 2012.

In everyone’s life there are milestones, that 16th birthday, a first kiss, high school graduation, marriage, are the first that come to mind immediately. Yet, the most significant, memorable, and life changing for me was the birth of my son. I won’t go into detail as I wouldn’t want to deter or scare off any would-be or expecting mothers, so I’ll just say my pregnancy was atypical and my son was my miracle.

In reading my story at About Willoweagle, you learn that with the arrival of my son, my life would never be the same in more ways than one. It was during the weeks that followed that I too, following in my Mom’s footsteps, earned the first of my survivor badges.

It’s funny how over the years,my Mom’s story and my story, entwined as mother/daughter/survivors, have become so similar about our experiences in dealing with our clotting disorder. I learned so much from her. In a time before this disorder had been given a name, support groups had been formed, and internet allowed you to find others who understood, she was there. She had mentioned to me after my first embolism that she was sorry, sad, and even felt a bit guilty for having passed it on to me. Little did I know then that the little baby boy I held in my arms would someday let me know exactly how she had felt.

As with all things, time passes, children grow, and life is lived in the blink of an eye. Fast forward to June 3, 2011. This day would be the catalyst of how, once again, my mother’s and my story would become synonymous. The war that would be fought that awarded me my second survivor badge while passing along another. This is how it occurred from a Mother’s Point of View:

Friday, June 3, 2011 ~ It started out like another other day. Then I received a call from my cousin letting me know that my Granny had been hospitalized and wasn’t doing well. We talked a bit and he said he’d get back with me with updates later on.

As is our routine, Andrew and I talk/text multiple times throughout any given week, and today was no exception. He called to let me know that he’d been to the doctor about the migraine he’d had all week as it was no longer tolerable. He’d been prescribed meds for both the nausea and the pain. He was headed back to the loft for some much-needed rest which would, hopefully, along with the meds, cure the headache. The call ended with a “get to feeling better.Love ya” and a promise he would call later to check in.

No Mother ever gets used to those unexpected, later than usual, night calls. I am no exception to this rule and typically will answer quickly and with a short questioning ’Hello?’ dreading what you’ll hear from the person on the other end.

“Mom? Got a question about my insurance” OK?? Not what I was expecting, but alright. As a medical insurance biller, it wasn’t an unusual question, but at this time of the night??? Definitely not.

After getting a call from some friends who were in need of a designated driver, Andrew, once again, was happy to do it. He rested off and on throughout the day and felt better. It also helped that he lives directly above where his friends had enjoyed their night out. Meeting up with them, they headed to the car, but they never reached it that night.

While walking through the parking lot, Andrew, who was fine just a moment before, passed out…..hard. The fall was hard enough that on hitting his head, he brought blood. Later I came to find out that it was a bit more than he was leading on to now. There’s always a reason, a plan, fate, you may choose your word, but we’re all where we are for a purpose. The friends that were with my son that night have all had training in some form or another with life saving/trauma incidents and techniques to deal with them.

In hearing their stories of that night, they immediately jumped into action. Andrew came too pretty quickly. While taking care of his injuries, Andrew explained that it felt as though someone had hit him in the back of the with a brick….full force. He said he was shaky and weak, yet shrugged it off.

At the same time, as it seems life had planned it, due to another situation occurring in tandem to his, on the same block, there just happened to be an ambulance crew. To my understanding, after a quick once over, it was decided that my son was to be a passenger and not the driver after all. For you see, he was making this phone call from the back of an ambulance on its way to the hospital. Yet, his first thought was to call me to ask about insurance specifics. Needless to say, we covered that topic quickly,,,and THEN he told me how he had earned his first ambulance ride.

Looking back, yes, I was concerned a bit, but he sounded good, if not even a bit irritated at the situation. I offered to go to him, but he said he was fine and would be okay.

“If you need me to come up, call me. Let me know what they find. Feel better. Love ya!”
“K, I will. Don’t worry Mom. I’ll call if I need ya.”
“No news is good news. If I don’t hear back from you by the time I get up. I’ll call and check on ya, ”
“K. Go back to sleep. I’m fine.” Click.

As I lie in my bed, sleep escapes me. I turn over and give my husband an exact verbal Xerox copy of what I’d just heard. Its been nearly two hours since he called. I close my eyes thinking to myself, “yeah, he’s fine. Would’ve heard something by now if not” I roll over and succumb to sleep while riding the roller coaster of thoughts that wont quiet down in my head. Even when grown, a mother never stops worrying about her children. My worries and concern had just begun. I was soon to attend the Master class of parenting worry and concern totally unaware of how this mother’s life would be rattled….no…..shaken to the core of my very existence. This was just the beginning, a sneak peek if you will, into what was yet to come……..


This is a three-four part posting chronicling the days and events leading up to the ten longest, emotional days of my life as a Mother. Check back tomorrow for; Reflections ~ A Mother‘s POV: Part Two (Saturday, June 4, 2011)

Reflections ~ A Mother’s POV: Part II

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    • Ahhhh… matter how you coax, you will have to wait with everyone else. 😛

      Your support as I continue to put word to screen is all this girl would ask and need. So hang on tight because this is gonna be one heck of a ride of which even I’m yet unsure of the ending.


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