♥ Words To Run By ~ Meet Sara ♥

♥Meet Sara♥

Another survivor shares her story of inspiration, strength, and overcoming the challenges of living with a blood disorder.

How does she heep her wits about her? She RUNS!

I want to introduce you to Sara. A wife, a Marathon runner….A SURVIVOR!!

Sara’s Story ⇨ Survivors Share

I’m a runner, writer, dog-mom, and self-proclaimed hot sauce connoisseur.

I’m also a survivor raising awareness daily about the devestating effects of blood clots.

Words To Run By

My story is not that different than anyone else. I graduated from college, started my first real job as a child welfare caseworker – a field completely unrelated to my degree, of course. I got married on 07/07/07 and we adopted two dogs – Grace and Sadie. Back then, I would have told you I lived a great life, until I discovered – and not without a whole lot of things going really wrong first – that there is more to life and more to me. I wanted more, I needed more, but I had no idea where or with what to start. 


I did know that I never felt well, I was always tired, and for all the happiness I thought I had found, I was pretty down on myself. I had no self-esteem, no self-confidence and I didn’t believe in myself for a second. I had steadily been gaining weight since my sophomore year of college and since graduation, the pounds really started to pack on. I even felt fat in my wedding dress. For my entire life I had struggled with a thyroid disorder that left me worn out and feeling sluggish most of the time, but it wasn’t until I found myself about 75 pounds overweight (the heaviest I had ever been) and on the border of becoming a full-blown diabetic that I decided to do something about how I felt and looked. The first step was to get my mind set straight – and for me, being told I could, among many unpleasant things, die an early death – did it. I hated myself greatly, but I wasn’t ready to die!

One day, I set out for the lousy park behind my apartment that offered a “track.” Okay, more like a bumpy path with graffiti and cracks all over it, but it was a place to run that did not involve traffic or driving to get there. Sure, I had run Cross Country – in middle school – I don’t think I had run a step since then. I had no idea what to do, except put one foot in front of the other, which I did. I ran for 30 seconds that day and went home breathless and near-tears.

To read the rest of Sara’s story check out her blog @

→ Words To Run By → A Survivor’s Story

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